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Acworth GA has tons of foreclosures. These can be a great place to find thousands off dollars off on a home. The listings below are kept up to date daily. Foreclosed homes in Acworth happen when somebody fails to make their payments on a home, usually from financial distress. Banks then repossess these homes and they sale them for a price which will entice a buyer quickly. Check out foreclosed homes in Acworth below!

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Foreclosures in Acworth Georgia


If you think you are ready to be a homeowner, ask yourself if today indeed the perfect time to buy a home. One type of property that you might be interested could be foreclosed properties, but it is a wise idea to be educated about why some homes are foreclosed as well as the process that these homes undergo before they can be called foreclosed homes.

To learn more about the basics of foreclosures, try to talk to a real estate agent who specializes in REO or you can check online real estate sites or public records of foreclosure listings services like this one. Moreover, most investors and agents suggest that the safest way to buy foreclosed properties is through buying foreclosures that are bank-owned. Perhaps you might have seen some foreclosure signs in your neighborhood. Foreclosed homes nowadays can be found in low-, middle- and high-income neighborhoods.

Here’s how the foreclosure process unfolds once you miss a payment.

1. Notice to Accelerate – You will receive this notice from your lender once you are 60 days past due your payments informing you that you have to bring the loan current. This means you need to pay the past amount plus any late fees they have assessed in order to stop the foreclosure process. Sometimes the letter will require a borrower to pay the amount past due so that they won’t accelerate the due date of the loan or the delinquent borrower will be responsible for the attorney fees added to the delinquent amount.

2. The Demand Letter – The lender will hire a lawyer to give you the ‘Demand Letter’ if the delinquent borrower does not respond to the first notice, which formally notifies the borrower that the foreclosure process will take place within the court system if the borrower don’t bring the loan current.

3. Notice of Default – If the borrower does not reply to the three letters the lender will file a formal foreclosure notice with the court. The borrower is given 20-30 days to respond to this notice before the foreclosure process can go any further. The letter lists the entire amount that the borrower needs to pay.

4. The Notice of Sale – Still no response from the borrower will lead to the notice of sale after the given time allowed in answering the third letter. It contains the sheriff’s auction date that your house will be sold.

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