Homes between $200K and $300K

Acworth Gorgeous Homes

Acworth Homes between $200,000 and $300,000

Acworth has a wide variety affluent home selection of homes in this price range. These homes are well above the median sales price for a home in Acworth. There are just over 110 homes in this price breakdown. If you are looking to live in luxury, and comfort, and not make a house payment which eats up all of your income, then this is the selection of homes where you should spend some time exploring!

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You can find a beautiful home in Acworth for $210K, $220K, $230K, $240K $250K, $260K, $270K, $280K and $290K. These homes are modern and beautiful. You’ll begin to find a lot of the extras that people envy in homes such as these, hardwood floors, granite countertops, homes that are next to the lake, 2 or 3 car garages, extra area for guests, and wonderfully landscaped yards. These can be ginormous homes as well. Most of the homes in this category will have anywhere between 3 to 4 bedroom,s and 2 – 3 bathrooms. Square footage is usually around 4,400 – 2,200 for homes in this price range.

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