Homes in Acworth under 100K

Inexpensive Homes in Acworth

Acworth Homes under $100,000

Acworth has an incredible selection of homes under the 100K mark. In fact, there are over 100 homes are listed here! A home in this price range will definitely cost you less than what rent would cost. And chances are, they’re actually going to be reasonably nicer as well. So, this is a no brainer – purchase these homes if you are wondering about renting or buying.

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Affordable Homes in Acworth


Homes in this price range are actually not short of much – unless you are insisting on a pool and granite counter tops, these homes are actually very cozy. Some of the Acworth homes are definitely fixer uppers, but with a little TLC these can be great homes. These have two car garages in most cases, two stories, and good friendly neighborhoods. Yards here sometimes are lacking, but again, with some tender loving care these homes can be some of the most beautiful homes around.

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